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  WARNING:  This product will exceed your expectations.





SAFTEY: Almost Invisible Cat Litter is inert, indurated, NON-TOXIC and TOTALLY SAFE for you and your cats. It is made from amorphous silica gel which is not significantly different than sand and has no known health effects. Almost Invisible Cat Litter holds the 2015 Feline Wellness Magazine Stamp of Approval. Our product has very low dust and should not be confused with the cat litters made from crystalline silica. These litter products known as "crystal litters" are very dusty and have been link to harmful health issues including sillicosis. Again, ALMOST INVISIBLE CAT LITTER IS TOTALLY SAFE


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Almost Invisible Cat Litter are packaged in self standing, half transparent 9 pound bags with very strong built-in handles that makes lifting, carrying and pouring out the cat litter quite easy.   


Pour out enough litter that your cat(s) do not struggle to bury solids or leave exposed areas of your litter tray after burying. Many people use as little as 1" of material with great success. Scoop the solids 1 or 2 times daily and thoroughly stir your litter pan daily. The more thoroughly and often you stir the longer our totally odor free cat litter will last. When all of the litter turns dark yellow, it still will not smell, but the color change serves as a warning that the effectiveness is near the end.  Often, you will start smelling amonia a day or two before the urine smell is noticeable. You will get 10 - 12 weeks of litter for one cat or 3 to 4 weeks of use with 4 cats, etc. when your litter box is properly maintained. In humid areas, especially during summer months, performance can be impacted, but our product will still control odor and last longer than any other litter product.   

TIPS FOR INTRODUCING OUR ALMOST INVISIBLE LITTER TO YOUR CATS: Do not immediately remove all of your old litter and force your your cats to switch.  Put an additional tray containing Almost Invisible Cat Litter in the same room or area as your existing litter trays, preferably in the same spot and wait for the cats to switch on their own.  Most cats make the switch within 2 days.  A few cats will take about a week.  If your cat has not switched within 1 week, put the old litter on top of the Almost Invisible cat litter and let your cat use that tray for one week.  After that week, remove the old litter.  

ORDER TIME:  All orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt, except for weekends.  


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THE EXPERT OPINION: Almost Invisible Cat Litter is Pet Product News International's "2014 Editors Choice Award Winner" in the prestigious Cat Litter Litter Category.  




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    Almost Invisible Cat Litter

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2019

    This litter is superior to any other “crystal” type litter in odor absorption! The initial expense is offset by how long it last with daily scooping of solids and stirring of silica gel — 4 weeks, sometimes longer, for 1 or 2 cats using medium large box containing 1/2 of the 9 lb bag. Buying from website 3 bags at a time calculates to about $15/month.... so less than most “quality” litter.

  • 5
    Best Litter Available

    Posted by richard on 11th Aug 2017

    We bought this product at a cat show in February; we've been buying it ever since. The kitty loves it, the odor is nearly undetectable and cleanup is easy. Very pleased with the product.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Don on 29th Nov 2016

    I love this litter, no odor or clumping, works great!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Don on 27th Sep 2016

    This litter is the best, it is almost odorless and not messy like clumping litters.

  • 5
    It really did exceed my expectations

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2016

    My husband and I have 4 cats. Finding a litter that meets all of our expectations has been a challenge, especially since one of our cats is allergic to clay litter and will sneeze constantly if exposed to it. We tried some of the natural clumping litters, but they tracked through the house like crazy. We then tried the recycled newspaper pellets and while it didn't track, it didn't really cover odor very well and we were going through a lot of it. I ran across this litter when buying anti-icky-poo. I was skeptical about the concept, but it really does everything it says. It covers odor longer than any litter I've tried. It's super easy to clean and I go through a lot less litter. My cats adjusted to it easily. It does track a bit in the vicinity of the litter box, but I don't find pieces of it all over the house. Given all the other benefits, I can live with that. This is a must try!

  • 5
    You will not regret!!

    Posted by Amy on 20th May 2016

    I ran across this litter at a cat show and decided to try. So glad! I have 4 indoor/outdoor cats, 1 litter box in the house and you would never know. There is absolutely no smell, even if you stand next to it. You use very little and with 4 cats, I can go 10-14 days before switching out the litter. It cost more per bag than standard litter but very worth it.

  • 5
    Perfect for Multiple Cats!

    Posted by Miki on 12th Apr 2016

    No odor, no waste, and my finicky elder cat loves it - as do the two younger ones! It is more expensive but even on my low fixed income it is totally worth it. These kitties and their well-being are of the utmost importance to me, and the small sacrifices I must make to afford this litter are so worth it!

  • 5
    Love this cat litter!

    Posted by HAC on 12th Apr 2016

    I have a cattery and this is hands down the best cat litter I've used for odor control. It's clean, easy to scoop, and the cats love it. It's also long lasting. I highly recommend this litter and I've tried most of the others out there!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2015

    Love love love this product, I've used different litters before and this one is far superior - there isn't a smell - Piper loves it and it lasts so much longer than other litters (with out needing to be changed). Really the best stuff for you and your kitty!