Almost Invisible Speed Scoop

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WARNING:  This Product Will Exceed Your Expections!


by G That's Awesome

Scoop 10 Times faster and with less dust and minimal scatter.......

regardless of the type of litter you are using!



If you want to spend less time scooping cat litter and cleaning up afterward, then we have the product for you!


Got Multiple Cats?  Want to keep the dust and scatter down? Tired of plastic scoops that break? How about finishing your daily scooping in less time?  Whatever your reason, we have the right tool for you. Made from stainless steel, the Almost Invisible Speed Scoop will never crack, break or bend and flick litter all over your house.  With our innovative design, the Speed Scoop holds a large amount of solids, while allowing litter particles the flow very quickly through the tines. 

The Almost Invisible Speed Scoop is the perfect tool for scooping and stirring Almost Invisible Cat Litter and other silica gel cat litters.  It also works with virtually all types of clay, plant-based and small wood particle cat litters.  If you are using clay (I really hope you are not) and need a scoop that can scrape off the mess that sticks to the bottom of the tray with authority, the Speed Scoop is also right for you.   


We offer a 5 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on all Speed Scoops that we sell with the confidence of knowing it will last much, much longer even in multiple cat environments.  

The Speed Scoop's solid steel construction never bends and flick's litter around the room like plastic scoops.  The wide flat head is ideal for stirring silica gel litter trays.  Even StovePipe the Traveling Cat, the President of the Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company, requires his 24/7 servant to exclusively use The Speed Scoop on his litter trays. That servant is me. 

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    Almost Invisible Speed Scoop

    Posted by Bruce Hamilton on 11th Aug 2019

    The slots are just the right width: clean litter falls through immediately, clumps and poop stay. The sides are tall enough that you can shake the scoop without stuff falling over the edge. And it's big! Takes only a few passes to get the whole litter box. Best I've seen.

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    Almost Invisible Speed Scoop

    Posted by Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals on 23rd Jan 2019

    When you scoop 6 litter boxes per day, you need a strong, easy-to-use, long-lasting scoop. This is it!

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    This will never break

    Posted by Bruce on 24th Oct 2016

    I like the scoopers that are just parallel rows, rather than a grid: the un-clumped litter falls through much faster. But every one I've had broke at the corners, and gluing didn't last long.
    Not only is this one welded steel, but there's no joint at all at the corners -- it's a single wire running all the way around.
    The only reason not to give 5 stars is that the handle is also bent wire, and uncomfortable in the hand. I'm sure I'll find foam or something to wrap it. I plan to order 3 more!

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    Fast and Easy

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2016

    This scooper is great. It cuts my scooping time in half. My cats prefer a lot of litter in their boxes, and my plastic scooper just couldn't handle the weight and bent in half. This scooper is never going to bend in half. It makes short work of the scooping process. The only negative is that it does not always pick up some of the smallest clumps, but it's so small an amount I can usually just ignore it, and it's a small price to pay for the benefits this scooper offers.

  • 5

    Posted by Patti on 14th Jun 2016

    This scoops eliminates the necessity to "shake" in order to sift out the poop & urine. It saves money because there is no wasted litter - you throw out only the waste. I didn't realize how poorly planned my other scoop was until I bought this one. Well worth the money!!